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We offer our items for sale through our website at the LOWEST POSSIBLE price allowed by each manufacturer. If you see prices in our website which are lower than the lowest allowed price it is because we purchased that item at a different price and will not increase that LOWEST PRICE to our customers. All the 2014 prices are being increased due to the lower US Dollar overseas and the increase in shipping charges.

Some customers think that we will "barter" prices. We are not an eBay store. If you want to bid or barter on clock prices, please go there. We are not allowed to quote a price lower than the lowest price listed by each manufacturer.

Shipping prices listed on our website are "estimated". In most cases, the price is exact but sometimes the post office or other shipping company will charge more for certain locations. If this happens, we are required to increase that amount to you. We figure our postage on the amount it costs us to get the clock here from the manufacturer, pay our personnel to check out the clock to make sure it works properly before it is shipped to you, packing materials needed to ship items according to the rules of each shipping carrier and the actual postage needed to cover the shipping with insurance to your home or office. We do not pad our shipping prices. If the shipping seems a little high, it is because our costs for shipping that particular clock are high. Remember, clocks can be big, bulky and heavy. Oversized packages cost more to ship. We let you know up front what our price will be. If there is no shipping fee listed with the clock you are purchasing, that does not mean that there is FREE SHIPPING. It means that we do not have that price at the time we list your clock. Only items marked "FREE SHIPPING" will have no shipping charges added to your bill.

We thank you for shopping at Clock Emporium. You can continue to write to us with any question or special order at:



Customers who are confused about our shipping policy, please take note that we NEVER guarantee that items shipped by a third party (other than Clock Emporium private shipping) like US Postal Service, UPS, FedEX, etc., will arrive exactly as scheduled. If you pay for overnight shipping with "GUARANTEED" delivery by the post office, FedEX, UPS, etc., that postal carrier is responsible for the delivery. They will not pay for the item unless it is lost. They only return the postage paid. Items returned because it did not arrive on time by that third party are subjected to all fees. Those fees include all shipping charges including original shipping charges and return shipping charges. Fees also include a 25% restocking fee.

Please make sure that you have enough time for shipping. Overnight delivery charges are higher but might be considered a good purchase if you need a package within 2-3 days. Priority Mail takes 2-3 days but is NOT guaranteed by the post office. Delays can occur due to bad weather which can delay or cancel flights carrying packages. Delays don't have to come from Florida or the city you live. They can happen from connecting flights from other cities, too. We are sorry if this is an inconvenience to you but we have no control and will not take responsibility for shipping delays. We are very proud to boast that we have a 95% success rate on shipping. Almost all our packages arrive within the time we estimate on delivery.

Customers are urged to read our sales return and shipping policy before placing any order (scroll down towards the bottom of this page). If you have any questions, please contact us.

Special Orders

For special order items which have to be ordered from Germany, we do not guarantee an exact shipping date. We approximate 6-8 weeks. Items shipped from Germany must go by container. We have 2 containers leaving Germany each month. It takes 4 weeks for the container to get from Germany to the USA. That container has to go through US Customs. That process could delay the shipping and we do not have control over Customs, TSA or other checkpoint procedures. The items are put on a truck or a train to our warehouse where they have to be sorted. YOUR item will be removed and then shipped directly to you. That is why we estimate another 2-4 weeks after the container arrives in the USA. If there is a delay, it could take another 2-4 weeks or more. We try to let you know the updated itinerary of your purchase as soon as we hear but feel free to call us or write to us with your questions. We apologize for these delays but we have no control over items not in our own possession.

Clock Emporium is proud to be a STERNREITER Premier Dealer.

THANK YOU for coming to Clock Emporium - your on-line Clock and Timepiece Superstore AND MORE!

We are very proud of the items we will bring to your home. Our European clocks are shipped directly from The Black Forest of Germany and the original home of clockmaking - The Netherlands. We also have fine Italian marble and gold clocks or French clocks with style and class. We have fine domestic quartz clocks, too.

If you don't see what you want in the following pages, please contact us. We can find almost everything you might need at a price you can afford. Let us design the right clock for your home. You can even send us a sample color and we can match the color to your existing furniture.

Don't forget to look at our beautiful watches. We carry the full line of Seiko, Pulsar by Seiko and Citizen Watches. We can also get you any other brand of watch you want ... so write to us and tell us what you are looking for. We'll get it to you at a great price.

NOTE: For all purchases, a bank check in US FUNDS ONLY will be required. This check will be verified from the US Bank in which it is drawn before any merchandise will be shipped. Wire-in transfers can be accepted. Write to us for the specific wire-in information. Personal checks must clear your bank before items can be shipped.

No credit card orders and shipments will be accepted due to credit card fraud. We will, however, be glad to send you a bill from PayPal in which you can use your credit card safely over the internet. Simply submit your order and, even though the Yahoo site says it does not accept PayPal, you can write in a personal request for PayPal and we'll send out an invoice from them. You simply go to that site and make your credit card payment from that invoice. For orders over $1,000.00, PayPal will require you to become "verified" before they will accept your credit card payment. It is a simple procedure which, once completed, will allow you to make any and all your internet payments quickly and safely through their service without any more credit checks.

Thank you for your understanding.

SHIPPING CHARGES (Please Read): Shipping charges are added to each order. All shipping charges will include handling fees to cover the cost of paperwork, packing materials and any additional shipping charges which are incurred from the manufacturer to Clock Emporium prior to the clock being shipped to each customer. The rates on the websites are subject to change WITHOUT NOTICE since the postal service might go up on their rates before we have a chance to update our pages. We will notify you of the exact amount of shipping and handling when we send you verification of your order. The prices do not go up very much so use the rate we give you on the item page as a reference as to the "approximate" shipping rate. The rate depends upon the weight, size and the amount of insurance on each package. If possible, we will inform you of those charges ahead of time but they depend upon whether you wish to send it by USPS PRIORITY MAIL (our standard, least expensive, most secure and most reliable shipping service) (approx. 2-3 days), USPS EXPRESS MAIL (with tracking at an extra charge) (within 24 hours guaranteed with refund on shipping if they fail to deliver on time), UPS (approximately 4-6 business days with tracking number - $10.00 higher than USPS Priority mail due to double boxing requirements and pickup fees - NOT RECOMMENDED!), FEDERAL EXPRESS (overnight, overnight guaranteed or approx. 3-5 day ground with tracking number - at a higher rate) or USPS GROUND SHIPPING without insurance (your risk and not much difference in price between that and priority mail prices).SHIPPING, HANDLING AND INSURANCE CHARGES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

For warranty items, shipping charges are non-refundable. YOU pay for the shipping back to us on warranty items. We will return the product to the manufacturer and then ship it back to you at no additional cost. We do not pay for return shipping to us for any reason. IF THIS IS A MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY (manufacturer's warranty card enclosed with your product)YOU MUST RETURN THE PRODUCT USING THE INFORMATION ON THE WARRANTY CARD. DO NOT SEND THOSE MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY ITEMS BACK TO CLOCK EMPORIUM. WE DO NOT HANDLE ANY SHIPPING CHARGES AT ALL ON THOSE ITEMS. Once an item under manufacturer's warranty has left Clock Emporium, they are out of our hands. If the product comes in damaged, they are insured for their value. Make sure you notify the post office or your choice of alternate carrier and fill out the paperwork for damaged items. Then, contact Clock Emporium immediately. The post office will pay for those items to be shipped back to us at no charge to you. We will then replace the item with a brand new one (if available) for no further postage charge. If one is not available, you will get a refund OR you can use that refund towards the purchase of any other clock.

NOTE: Customers select their preferred carrier (US Postal Service (USPS is our preferred carrier), UPS, FedEx, DHL, Air Freight, Ground Freight, etc.). All items are insured by the carrier. If that carrier misplaces, loses or damages any clock, Clock Emporium will refund or replace items to the customer once the carrier has paid for such damage unless the carrier pays the customer directly (proof of payment from carrier will be required). There is absolutely NO REFUND for items delayed in shipping unless the customer has specifically received a guarantee of shipping date from Clock Emporium. In such a case, the customer will pay in advance for "guarantee shipping" charges in advance. Each carrier has their own price for such shipping. Clock Emporium is not responsible for shipping delays. We cannot be held accountable for third party negligance. We will be glad to supply each customer with proof of shipping and will help to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

In the case of international shipping, there is definitely no refund since we cannot track items from Clock Emporium once it leaves the USA. The same rules go for MPO or APO shipments (Military Postal Delivery Service) since we have no way to track your package once it is accepted by the military. (Please allow extra time on military delivery) If a customer cancels their order because of shipping delays, they (the customer) are held responsible for the 25% (or $25 whichever is higher) restocking fees and all shipping, handling, insurance and bank processing charges. In any case, customers must have a receipt for returned merchandise before any credit or refund is issued. We will not refund any payment before the original item is back in our possession.

All returned items must be repackaged exactly the way it was shipped. It must be insured for any damage in the return. If an item is returned to Clock Emporium and it is damaged, there will be no refund. In that instance, the customer will be responsible for return shipping charges. Please make sure the item is insured before shipping it back to us. If the item is damaged when you get it, report it immediately to the carrier for a claim on the initial insurance. We are sorry if this is an inconvenience to you.

For more information, write us at:



Double click the pictures to see a close-up!

Super Sale

DOLD - #HB-1019 Wall Curio Clock - Floor Model - 60% Off Closeout Price
DOLD - #HB-1019 Wall Curio Clock - Floor Model - 60% Off Closeout Price

Regular Discount Price: $1,580.00
Sale Price: $632.00
Dold #8-161-2 Hunter Cuckoo Clock Closeout at 60% Off !
Dold #8-161-2 Hunter Cuckoo Clock Closeout at 60% Off !

Regular Discount Price: $2,800.00
Sale Price: $1,120.00
#QXT010NRH World Time Travel Alarm Clock - Closeout Priced @ 50% Off
#QXT010NRH World Time Travel Alarm Clock - Closeout Priced @ 50% Off

Regular Discount Price: $64.00
Sale Price: $32.00
Seiko Closeout Watch for that special man <hr>SAVE 50%!
Seiko Closeout Watch for that special man
SAVE 50%!

Citizen Watches for Men and Women - Discontinued and On Sale for up to 50% Off!
Citizen Watches for Men and Women - Discontinued and On Sale for up to 50% Off!

Warmink - Original Dutch Clocks
Warmink - Original Dutch Clocks

Seiko #QHL005SLH Bedside Alarm Clock
Seiko #QHL005SLH Bedside Alarm Clock

Regular Discount Price: $27.50
Sale Price: $22.00
Dold #9-50 Curio Cabinet Grandfather Clock - CLOSEOUT SPECIAL SALE with FREE Shipping
Dold #9-50 Curio Cabinet Grandfather Clock - CLOSEOUT SPECIAL SALE with FREE Shipping

Regular Discount Price: $8,500.00
Sale Price: $3,570.00
Anton Schneider #MT6100-9/10 Musical Cuckoo Clocks - 35% Off
Anton Schneider #MT6100-9/10 Musical Cuckoo Clocks - 35% Off

Regular Discount Price: $504.00
Sale Price: $327.60
Hermle #21139-N90340 Westminster Tambour Mantle Clock
Hermle #21139-N90340 Westminster Tambour Mantle Clock

Regular Discount Price: $569.00
Sale Price: $420.00
#QM028-372 "Sloan" Traditional Quartz Mantle Clock by Sternreiter<hr><b>SPECIAL PRICE</B>
#QM028-372 "Sloan" Traditional Quartz Mantle Clock by Sternreiter

Regular Discount Price: $563.00
Sale Price: $355.00
Rombach und Haas #8386 Jumping Deer<p>CLOSEOUT PRICE
Rombach und Haas #8386 Jumping Deer


Regular Discount Price: $1,645.00
Sale Price: $987.00

Rombach und Haas #8360 Owls<p>8-day Cuckoo Clock<p>Special Price
Rombach und Haas #8360 Owls

8-day Cuckoo Clock

Special Price

Regular Discount Price: $1,840.00
Sale Price: $1,104.00

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Clock Emporium, Inc. is the largest importer of European Clocks in South Florida. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products.
Most of our clocks are hand-carved in the Black Forest of Germany, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy and the United Kingdom. We represent companies like: Kieninger, Anton Schneider, Jaeger LeCoultre, Dold, Warmink, Alma, Hermle, Francois Desire, Gallo, Trenkle, Rombach and Haas, Gebruder Kuner, Movado and Hubert Herr.

We have "novelty" Black Forest clocks from Engstler, and Hubert Herr, as well. Not the fine-hand carved work, but beautiful craftsmanship in a smaller dimension for a child's room or recreational room.
We carry a full line of Seiko, Linden and Movado clocks plus watches from Seiko, Citizen and Pulsar, too. We even have exclusive 14k gold watches by reknown artisans like Geneve, Lucien Piccard, Mark Anthony, VicencE and Seiko.
Have a request? You can have a custom clock made to YOUR specifications. Write for more information.
Visit our site to see our entire line of fine European clocks. Please visit our store's internet page :

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For those who wish to use CREDIT CARDS for payment, we apologize. We no longer accept internet credit card payments due to the large amount of STOLEN CREDIT CARDS being used to purchase items through us. You must go through PayPal. Please select that form of payment on your order form and we will send you the appropriate invoice through this service.

NOTE: This site might say they don't accept PayPal but we do accept it. Please write to us in an email. Tell us the item you want and the quantity. Supply your name, shipping address, telephone number and email address. We will sent you a bill through PayPal and include the shipping charges. Once we get the transfer of funds, we will ship you the item you purchased. We are sorry for any inconvenience, we have no other choice through this Yahoo website.

If you wish to pay by check, you can send it to us and we will process your order as quickly as possible. Please allow a few extra days for your check to clear. A bank check or money order clears immediately. We wish we could do things as we did before but too many people are stealing YOUR MONEY and our merchandise. We have no choice. Again, our apologies.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


If the website does not work, we apologize. It is currently under reconstruction and will have more features very soon. Write to us with any suggestions or questions you might have.

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Mention YAHOO STORE when requesting price information on items not listed here and you will receive an automatic 25% discount on your purchase. (Items here are already discounted.) We ship all over the continental USA and in most international countries.

NOTE: All international orders are to be paid by bank check in US Currency ONLY. There are no exceptions on international orders. You might wish to use your credit card with BidPay. They will send me a money order in US Funds. There is a charge to you for that service, however. We apologize for the inconvenience but there have been too many attempts to use stolen credit cards from international buyers using my site and we wish to protect my customers from fraud at all costs. If you wish to WIRE-IN the money, please write to me and we will give you the wire-in transfer information to expedite your order. There is a $25.00 wire-in fee for this service to cover bank charges.

For more information, write us at:


RETURN POLICY (Please Read): Please ask questions ahead of time. The photos are accurate and the descriptions tell you about the clocks, watches and other merchandise sold through Clock Emporium, Inc. We pride ourselves on quality and service. We will accept returns for 30 days (merchandise credit only) on standard items NO REFUNDS ON SPECIAL ORDERED ITEMS, REPAIRS OR PARTS! We cannot refund the shipping charges on any returned item and there is a 20% restocking fee or $25.00 (whichever is greater) if item is returned (unless it is defective). NO RETURNS ON CUSTOM ITEMS, SPECIAL ORDERS AND CLOSE-OUT ITEMS WHICH ARE OUT OF WARRANTY. All other clocks and jewelry fall under manufacturer's warranty and are stated in each description. Please read each item description carefully before placing an order. Our email address has temporarily changed. You can continue to write to us with any question or special order at:


Customer Support is available at:

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