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Accessories for Dold <p>Grandfather Clocks

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Due to the closing of Dold, many of the parts are no longer available. We can still get door keys, door locks, chime rods and non-etched pendulums. We can work with you to put your etched pendulum bob from your damaged clock onto a pendulum with a non-etched bob. Please contact us for more information. In the meantime, these are the prices we have for the available parts. Where they are no longer available, there will not be a price added. All shipping charges might look high but they include the import charges and wire-in fees imposed when we get them from Germany. We are sorry for any inconvenience

  • Polished Weights: $480.00(set of 3)
    Ground shipping and insurance for weights $84.95(heavy)

    Lyre pendulums are available with solid brass bobs only. Please let me know the pendulum length and the diameter of the bob (round shiny ball on the bottom of the pendulum). Your movement should have a number etched on the back which will indicate the CM length of the pendulum. It will say 94 or 114, etc. That is the cm length. I would need that number. The price for these pendulums are $550.00.
  • Etching is no longer available. The German government made it illegal to use the chemicals needed for the etching so we can no longer get the etching done for you. If you wish to have your "etched" bob placed on the solid pendulum, we can do that. The charge is $250.00 for the labor.

    Shipping and handling on pendulums are $84.95 since the package would be an odd shape. This includes all handling fees from Germany.

  • Brass Weight Caps (set of 3) $108.00
    Ground shipping for weight caps $14.95
  • Brass Weight Hooks (set of 3) $64.00
    Ground shipping $14.95
  • One brass weight cap with one hook $60.00
    Ground Shipping $14.95
  • Door Keys for Grandfather Clock Cabinets $49.95
    Ground Shipping is only $14.95 for up to 4 keys.
  • Door Locks $63.95
    Ground Shipping within the continental USA is only $14.95.
    NOTE: Door locks are now back in stock. We only have 10 locks so order one today before it is sold out.
  • Chime rod assembly blocks with 12 straight steel triple chime rods is only $350.00 (regularly $450.00 - on sale through September 15th 2012) plus shipping of $45.95.
  • European Light Bulbs (each) $14.95 Ground shipping charges are only $14.95 for up to 4 bulbs and $5.00 for each additional 4 bulbs.

    120V 25W E14

    Door Keys for most model clocks are available (see inset photo). We cannot guarantee that they will fit YOUR DOOR, however. Since these are ornate and custom coded, we must insist that all sales of keys are non-refundable so that they cannot be duplicated. If you want proof that a key will work on your lock, send us your lock and we will test the key first. Most of these locks are standard but some of the older clocks used different keys to open their lock. We do guarantee that our keys work on our locks so we do suggest that you purchase at least one key with your lock.

  • The price of each key is $49.95. Shipping is only $14.95 within the continental USA for up to 4 keys.


    Purchase a 2nd key and save! Only $15.00 for that 2nd key for a limited time only. Contact us if you are located outside the continental USA for a shipping price.

    If you want a winding key, please click here to see the key sizes available along with the prices:

    Clock Winding Key Assortment

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

    Payment can be made by bank check or personal check. Personal checks must clear your bank before the clock or part order can be processed. If you wish to use credit card, we can send you a bill from PayPal. There is a processing fee for this service, however. This is a 5% PayPal processing charge (minimum $3.50) (you are subject to being verified by PayPal before they will process an order of this size - contact us for more information) There is an additional PayPal charge for items being shipped outside the USA and are subject to exchange rate charges to your country. These charges can be avoided by sending us a bank check to:

    Clock Emporium, Inc.
    5048 NW 59th Way
    Coral Springs, FL 33067.

    Florida residents must add 6% Sales Tax. Sorry. All personal checks must clear you bank before any item will be shipped.

    NOTICE: All parts are special ordered and are non-refundable. Write to us with questions. We will tell you the information we need in order for you to purchase the correct part for your clock. We are not responsible if you measure wrong. If you wish to have us repair your table, mantle or wall clock, send us your clock for repair. We will be happy to quote you the repair prices. Grandfather clock movements must be removed from their casing and sent along with the pendulum and weights. We recommend that you find a qualified grandfather clock repair person in your area to do the regulating. We do not know of repair people throughout the USA but please make sure that they are properly trained in clock repair before you hire them. Feel free to ask them where they got their training. We only recognize training through study in Europe or through the NCWAA (National Clock and Watch Association of America). Don't be fooled by people who tinker with mecanical parts. They are not properly trained in clock repair and can ruin your clock. It is not worth the money.

    Accessories for Grandfather Clocks Accessories

  • Clock Emporium, Inc. is the largest importer of European Clocks in South Florida. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products.
    Most of our clocks are hand-carved in the Black Forest of Germany, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy and the United Kingdom. We represent companies like: Kieninger, Anton Schneider, Jaeger LeCoultre, Dold, Warmink, Alma, Hermle, Francois Desire, Gallo, Trenkle, Rombach and Haas, Gebruder Kuner, Movado and Hubert Herr.

    We have "novelty" Black Forest clocks from Engstler, and Hubert Herr, as well. Not the fine-hand carved work, but beautiful craftsmanship in a smaller dimension for a child's room or recreational room.
    We carry a full line of Seiko, Linden and Movado clocks plus watches from Seiko, Citizen and Pulsar, too. We even have exclusive 14k gold watches by reknown artisans like Geneve, Lucien Piccard, Mark Anthony, VicencE and Seiko.
    Have a request? You can have a custom clock made to YOUR specifications. Write for more information.
    Visit our site to see our entire line of fine European clocks. Please visit our store's internet page :

    For those who need to convert metric millimeters into inches, you might wish to use this handy converter:
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    For those who wish to use CREDIT CARDS for payment, we apologize. We no longer accept internet credit card payments due to the large amount of STOLEN CREDIT CARDS being used to purchase items through us. You must go through PayPal. Please select that form of payment on your order form and we will send you the appropriate invoice through this service.

    NOTE: This site might say they don't accept PayPal but we do accept it. Please write to us in an email. Tell us the item you want and the quantity. Supply your name, shipping address, telephone number and email address. We will sent you a bill through PayPal and include the shipping charges. Once we get the transfer of funds, we will ship you the item you purchased. We are sorry for any inconvenience, we have no other choice through this Yahoo website.

    If you wish to pay by check, you can send it to us and we will process your order as quickly as possible. Please allow a few extra days for your check to clear. A bank check or money order clears immediately. We wish we could do things as we did before but too many people are stealing YOUR MONEY and our merchandise. We have no choice. Again, our apologies.

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    If the website does not work, we apologize. It is currently under reconstruction and will have more features very soon. Write to us with any suggestions or questions you might have.

    Thank you for visiting us. For more information, write us at:


    Mention YAHOO STORE when requesting price information on items not listed here and you will receive an automatic 25% discount on your purchase. (Items here are already discounted.) We ship all over the continental USA and in most international countries.

    NOTE: All international orders are to be paid by bank check in US Currency ONLY. There are no exceptions on international orders. You might wish to use your credit card with BidPay. They will send me a money order in US Funds. There is a charge to you for that service, however. We apologize for the inconvenience but there have been too many attempts to use stolen credit cards from international buyers using my site and we wish to protect my customers from fraud at all costs. If you wish to WIRE-IN the money, please write to me and we will give you the wire-in transfer information to expedite your order. There is a $25.00 wire-in fee for this service to cover bank charges.

    For more information, write us at:


    RETURN POLICY (Please Read): Please ask questions ahead of time. The photos are accurate and the descriptions tell you about the clocks, watches and other merchandise sold through Clock Emporium, Inc. We pride ourselves on quality and service. We will accept returns for 30 days (merchandise credit only) on standard items NO REFUNDS ON SPECIAL ORDERED ITEMS, REPAIRS OR PARTS! We cannot refund the shipping charges on any returned item and there is a 20% restocking fee or $25.00 (whichever is greater) if item is returned (unless it is defective). NO RETURNS ON CUSTOM ITEMS, SPECIAL ORDERS AND CLOSE-OUT ITEMS WHICH ARE OUT OF WARRANTY. All other clocks and jewelry fall under manufacturer's warranty and are stated in each description. Please read each item description carefully before placing an order. Our email address has temporarily changed. You can continue to write to us with any question or special order at:


    Customer Support is available at:

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